Which NBA player has the best remote recruiter job?

247 recruiting ranked the top five players in the NBA and three of them are remote recruiters.

The rankings, which were compiled by 247sports.com and 247Sports, were based on a number of factors including the players’ experience level, their remote recruiter jobs, and the type of remote recrucer job they are employed.

The list includes the top 25 recruits in the 2018 class, and they are listed in order of their ranking.

The rankings were released this week by 247Sports recruiting director, Chris DeWolfe, and include an analysis of the top 10 players in each position.

The top five are:Nathan Beal, Kentucky guard; Jalen Brunson, Kentucky big man; Trey Lyles, Duke center; and Josh Jackson, Kentucky point guard.

The other top five were:Cameron Payne, Michigan State forward; Deandre Ayton, Kentucky center; Luke Fischer, Michigan Tech guard; and Brandon Linder, North Carolina guard.