How to Find the Most Promising Recruiting Staff at the Big East’s Top Conference

By Alex Vigdor | Buzzfeed Staff WriterThe Big East is a great place to be a basketball player, but it’s not a great home for a recruiter.

In recruiting, recruiting staffs have a huge impact on the recruiting landscape.

In fact, they have a direct impact on who goes where.

In a recent study conducted by the recruiting firm Rankin, the Big 12 has the best recruiting staff ratio in the country.

Rankin analyzed the staffs at the 10 best programs in the Big Ten, ACC, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC and ranked them by the number of recruiting staff members they have.

The Big East ranked #1, with 7,890 recruiting staff.

The other 10 programs ranked #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8.

Rankins study found that while the Big 10 had the most recruiting staff (7,000), the other 10 conferences had the least.

The Pac-10 had the lowest staffs, with just 3,821 recruiting staff employees.

The SEC had the second-lowest staffs with just 2,854.

The conference with the best ratio, the ACC, had the worst ratio of 1,719 staffs.

The Big Ten is the best of the Big Eight.

The league has the most staffs in the league with just under 2,000 recruiting staff staffs (8,955) compared to the other conferences, with 2,700 staffs on staff.

In the ACC and Big Ten conference, the ratio of recruiting hires has dropped, but the overall ratio of hires remains high.

The ACC, the conference with 4,637 recruiting staff, has the third-best ratio at 1,904.

The two conference with 3,929 recruiting staff each have a ratio of about 1,000.

The SEC has the worst ratios of recruiting and hiring.

The second-worst ratio is with the SEC at 1.3, followed by the Big 6 at 1 and the Big 11 at 1 staff.

The Pac-8 has the fifth-worst ratios of staffs per program, with 1.18 recruiting staff per program.

The top five programs are in the conference that has the second best ratio of 2,600.

The only conference with a worse ratio is the Big XII at 1 recruiting staff/program.

Rankings are based on the number and percentage of recruiting personnel in a given school.

The data is broken down into two types of categories: recruiting hires and recruiting staff hires.

The recruiting hires are staff members who are hired directly by the school to fill a position.

These recruiters are not recruited directly by a school and they are not paid for their work.

The recruiting staff hire includes recruiting staff who are paid directly by an athletic department.

For example, an athletic director or head coach might hire a recruiting staff to fill an open athletic position or help with recruiting.

There are a few other types of staff hires that are also used in recruiting.

These staffs do not necessarily recruit, but rather are used in conjunction with other staff hires to improve the school’s recruiting and to add to the schools recruiting base.

The data on staffs are released each spring.

The number of staff and recruiting hires that each school releases in a season is then compared against each other and the national average.

The higher the average, the better.

This year’s numbers:The Big 12 is the most consistent in the Pac-15.

There are only a handful of teams that are ranked in the top 10, and they have no staffs ranked in either the top three or the bottom three.

The three teams that have the worst averages are Arizona, UCLA, and USC.

The other five teams that had the fewest average recruiting staff ratios are Iowa, Oregon, Washington, Florida State, and Wisconsin.

The conference with lowest ratio is Utah.

The most recent numbers show the Cougars have the lowest ratio of staff (2,527) of any conference in the nation.

The remaining four conference teams have the highest ratio of recruitment staff (3,094).

The Big Eight is the only conference that does not have a recruiting department.

It has one full-time recruiter for each of the conference’s five programs, but none of them are paid for any of their work and are not compensated.

This leaves the conference without a recruiting coordinator.

The staffs of those programs are split evenly between the assistants, coaches, and assistants.

The top four recruiting schools in the AAC are the University of Miami, Memphis, Baylor, and West Virginia.

West Virginia has the lowest recruiting ratio of any AAC school, at 1 per school.

The bottom four recruiting spots are in Florida State (8 per school), Michigan (8), Louisville (8) and Tennessee (7).

In the SEC, Alabama has the least number of top-25 recruits of any SEC