A&Q hires CEO, A&ad hires CFO

New York City-based A&Ad is expanding its recruiting team and is hiring a chief technology officer to help drive the company’s online recruiting platform.

In a letter sent to employees today, A & Q CEO and president Tim D’Alessandro said the hiring of Chad Gaudreault, who previously served as A&AD’s CTO and executive vice president of technology and digital innovation, is part of A&A’s strategy to become more strategic in its recruitment efforts.

D’Angelo said in the letter that Gaudret, who joined A&Q in December, will help A&AMarket, its online recruitment platform, “continue to drive its growth” and help the company make better hires.

Gaudremault will also help A &ad develop a strategic plan for its online recruiting efforts, D’Agostino said.

The move comes as the company, which has more than 7,000 employees in New York, has been a leader in the recruitment of women, people of color, and underrepresented groups.

A&a has been in the market for a chief information officer, or CIO, for years.

The company recently hired Marcin Bizkowska, who is working on a digital marketing strategy that focuses on building more digital marketing capabilities.

A CIO has traditionally focused on digital marketing, but D’Allesandro said in his letter that he believes CIOs have an important role in digital strategy.

“We want our teams to focus on more than just building digital capabilities,” D’Allessandro wrote.

“A CIO must also understand the digital landscape, identify the challenges and opportunities, and take actions to improve our efforts.”

D’Anastasio also noted that A&amarket is looking to recruit more female candidates.

In addition to recruiting female candidates, the company is working with talent management companies, including TalentWorks, to find more female engineers to fill positions in its recruiting and marketing teams.

“As our growth grows, our teams will continue to make the best decisions for our businesses,” D &amp ; A said in its announcement today.