When Msu Football recruiters hit the road to recruit the country’s next big stars

MSU football recruiters have hit the roads to recruit their country’s future stars.

With the MSU women’s football team already in the top 10 of the FIFA Women’s World Cup rankings, the club is now in the driver’s seat as they set the agenda for a country which is set to host the 2019 Women’s Asian Cup in 2019.

With a host of exciting young talent on the way, the focus has turned to the women’s academy where the club hopes to add another top class player.MTSU’s academy has produced several players who will help the MTSU men’s football program in the future, but now it is time to recruit a few stars for the men’s team.

It was the focus of MTSUni’s recruitment manager, Matt Stedman, to visit some of the country-side clubs that have a track record of producing the nation’s future footballers.

“We have a lot of experience in the Australian game and we are confident we can provide a high-quality product for our players to compete for their futures,” Stedmann said.

“With the recent rise of the women in football, and a growing number of young women in their 20s and 30s, we feel that our ability to recruit top players is the key to helping them achieve their goals in the game.””MTSUno has the potential to grow the number of women’s players in the football industry, as well as developing the talent pool of young players in our community,” Stuedman said.

MtsUno’s focus is on two main areas, but it also sees a lot more talent in the MtsUni Academy than most football clubs.

“There are a lot to like with MTSuno and we really wanted to see what we could achieve here,” Stenedman said of the academy.

“As well as offering a top level environment for players, we also have the opportunity to work with our partners in the AFL and the NRL to develop their young talent.”MTSuni is aiming to sign a number of talented players in 2019, but some of their biggest targets are the women, so it is important that the players know where to go to work to be successful.

“In a game where there are so many young talent, it’s important that we’re all able to look forward and see where we can contribute,” Steduman said.

“Mtsuni also has the opportunity this year to recruit new recruits and build their team from the ground up.”

This year we have the chance to grow our young squad and recruit players from all around Australia, but we are particularly focused on recruiting talented women who can help MTS Uno continue to compete at the highest level in the competition,” Sturedman said