Auburn coach Todd Monken resigns after controversy over ‘black hole’ of recruitment

Posted by Auburn Football on Monday, December 11, 2017 03:00:47Auburn is one of a handful of SEC schools that have made it to the NCAA tournament, but the rest of the conference hasn’t had the same success.

Auburn coach Todd Monroe is no stranger to the tournament either.

He’s been a member of the national championship teams at Michigan, LSU, Auburn and Tennessee.

He hasn’t made it past the Sweet 16 in his five years as a head coach, but it’s hard to imagine him leaving the Tigers without a win.

Monken was the head coach at Florida State, and his teams had an incredible run that culminated in the Seminoles winning the national title in 2012.

But in 2015, the Seminole program was stripped of a bid to the SEC tournament and replaced by Arkansas.

The changes came after the school was rocked by sexual assault allegations against coach Bobby Petrino.

Petrino resigned from the job in November after the allegations surfaced, and Monroe has since taken over as head coach.

He also received the national coaching award this year.

Monkens departure from the Tigers, and the subsequent coaching changes, prompted an immediate backlash on social media.

Monroe said he thought the SEC’s new system would be fair and didn’t believe the accusations against him would hurt his chances to land a job elsewhere.

He said he was disappointed the school had to take this step.

“I think there’s a lot of people who want to say something that I shouldn’t say.

They say I should be fired because I’m black.

I’m a white guy.

That’s not true,” Monroe told reporters on Monday.

“There’s a difference between a black coach and a white coach.

That wasn’t my intention.

I thought that it was unfair.

I don’t know why they made me change my mind.

I think it’s because of the situation.”

The NCAA has since launched an investigation into the allegations, and Monken has not commented on the process, although he told reporters he’ll make a decision on whether to resign or not by the end of the day.

Monroe has coached the Tigers for five years, and he was expected to be the team’s next head coach this year, but that job never materialized.

Monks assistant Dave Brown, who has been the school’s offensive coordinator for five seasons, left the program in November to take the same job at LSU.

Auburn is currently in a two-way tie with the Tigers in the SEC standings, but Monks name has been on the chopping block, and rumors have been swirling about his future at Auburn.

The team has been without offensive coordinator Chris Petersen for three seasons now, and they’re going through some changes at the position, but coach Justin Fields has been promoted to head coach and has been working with Auburn’s new quarterback.

The team’s quarterback situation remains uncertain, and it remains to be seen whether Fields will continue to play under Monks guidance.

Aubrey Huffman, who had been an assistant coach with Auburn for five season, was hired as a graduate assistant at Tennessee, replacing Monks old defensive coordinator Tony Franklin.

Huffman has been in charge of the Vols defense, but his biggest role has been trying to figure out what Auburn’s offense is.

The Volunteers are currently ranked No. 2 in the final AP poll and are tied with LSU for fourth in the Southeastern Conference.