When a recruiter calls you, he’ll ask for your resume, recruiters say

There are some things you have to be prepared for when a recrucer calls you.

The first is that the recruiter wants to know if you have a job or a degree.

If the recrucer says yes, then that means he is trying to fill a position.

If the recruiser says no, that means you are not ready to work for a job.

So, before you answer the recruitor’s question, you have three options.

You can either say yes and leave the call, or you can try to explain why you are in this position and why you want to work here.

The third option is to tell the recruider you are looking for work.

If you tell him you are working, you will not be accepted to the program and your application will not get in.

If you say no and say you are interested in a position, then you may be able to get a job if the job offers a position that matches your skills and experience.