How to predict how big a Longhorns recruiting class is coming together

It’s a big week for Texas football, but it’s also a big year for recruits.

The Longhorns are set to officially announce the signing of six recruits in the next few days.

That includes former Texas linebacker Anthony Chickillo, who the Longhorns officially announced as their next class member on Friday.

Chickillo will be joining a line-up that already includes linebacker Nick Bell, safety Josh Davis, defensive tackle Justin Anderson and defensive end K’Ceonta Davis.

The list is long.

Here are the biggest Texas recruiting announcements of the year so far: 1.

Anthony Chickill’s Longhorns announce their 6th recruit: Former Texas linebacker, Anthony Chickilos new recruitment comes on the heels of a two-year commitment from Texas.

Chickill joins the Longhorn coaching staff and will provide depth at linebacker, with defensive end Josh Davis expected to join Chickill as a defensive end in Austin.

This is Chickills first commitment after a two year offer from the Longhaws, which was made before the start of the season.

Chickilots commitment brings Texas’ recruiting class to 8-6 this season.


A second commit to Texas’ class: In addition to Chickill, Texas also announced another commitment on Friday, this time defensive end Michael Bennett, a 5-foot-11, 235-pound defensive end from Lubbock, Texas.

Bennett will be a big addition for Texas in the coming weeks, with his signing making the Longhuns class a little bigger.

Bennett, who was a defensive back for the Longhoos from 2015-17, is rated as the No. 10 overall prospect in the nation by

He will also likely be the Longhos starting strong safety in 2018.


Texas officially commits: The Longhows officially announce their top-ranked recruiting class in the country, with five players signing from the state.

A big part of the Longhows success this season was the recruiting of the likes of tight end Anthony Chickillon, linebackers Nick Bell and K’Aime Davis and defensive tackle Josh Davis.

Texas added a number of new recruits this year, including tight end Ryan Smith, safety Kadeem Johnson and offensive tackle Brandon Mebane.


New commits for Texas: With a 6-0 start to the season, Texas has now added five new commits to their recruiting class, with three of those recruits coming in the last month.

Offensive tackle Brandon Smith is a 6’4″, 250-pound tackle from Los Angeles.

Offensive guard Anthony Chaney is a 5’11”, 330-pound guard from Austin.

Offensive lineman Andrew Chubb is a five-star offensive lineman from Dallas.


Longhorns will add more recruits for 2018: Texas is also expected to add two more commits this week, with four of the recruits from Texas signing on Friday afternoon.

Defensive tackle Justin Bailey, who is a four-star prospect from El Paso, Texas, is expected to officially declare for the 2018 class this week.

Defensive back Josh Davis is expected the Longhs next commit, and defensive ends K’Claire White and D’Andre McBride will officially sign with Texas on Tuesday.


Texas to open 2019 recruiting period: Texas will open recruiting season for the 2019 recruiting cycle on Wednesday, December 3, and will officially begin recruiting the 2019 class on Wednesday January 4, 2019.


Texas commits in 2018: The Texas recruiting class had a record high in 2018, with 11 recruits committing in the past two weeks.

This includes five Longhorns signing in the first two days of recruiting.

Texas also had five commitments on Friday in the state of Texas, including defensive end Anthony Chant, defensive back Josh Bailey, offensive lineman Brandon Smith, defensive end Ryan Jones and offensive lineman Kade Emmons.


Texas in 2019: The Aggies are expected to be in a recruiting frenzy this season with five commitments.

Safety K’Anthony Davis is a 4-star, 210-pound safety from Laredo, Texas who committed in early January.

Defensive end Anthony Chaplin, a 6′-4, 300-pound linebacker from Austin, Texas is expected join the Aggies in January.

Texas is set to announce its first commitments for 2019 on Friday with defensive tackle Anthony Chane, defensive guard Ryan Smith and offensive tackles K’Juan Jackson and Brandon Johnson.


Texas re-signs defensive end Justin Bailey: The junior defensive end and linebacker from Lovedo, TX, has signed a multi-year deal with Texas.

Bailey signed with the Longholes on January 16, 2019 and will sign with the team as a free agent on January 21.

Bailey is a senior and a former walk-on who was originally recruited to play cornerback for the Aggys.

He was originally ranked as the Aggie’s No. 1 prospect and is ranked the No 4 defensive end nationally.

10. Texas, LSU