What to know about the upcoming CIA recruitment cycle

CIA is the agency that manages recruiting for the NCAA and the Big Ten.

It has been the most-respected recruiting agency in the country for years, but recently it has struggled to keep up with the pace of growth that is expected as the sport continues to mature.

The CIA has been a mainstay of the NCAA’s recruiting, but as the game matures and players begin to compete more heavily, it’s not just about the Big 12 anymore.

There are several other conferences that are now competing for top talent, and as the NCAA transitions to the next generation of recruits, there is more competition for the CIA talent pool.

Below are the current recruiting cycles for the conference and conferences.

We’ll continue to update this list throughout the recruiting season as more and more schools sign new players and recruiters are able to find more recruits for their conferences.

Keep in mind that this is only the most recent recruiting cycle and we’ll continue tracking this recruiting cycle.

The NCAA has a recruiting schedule that is typically released annually and these cycles are always subject to change, but the CAA is expected to be the most accurate predictor of future NCAA membership for years to come.

The 2018 recruiting cycle for the Big 10 and ACC is a bit different than the past two cycles.

The Big Ten has not had a new recruiting cycle since 2012, and the ACC is currently working on a new schedule for the next cycle.

The Big 12 has seen the best recruiting cycle in years, and with four of its five conferences vying for top recruits, it seems likely that a new conference cycle will begin in the coming years.

However, it is still not clear if the Big East or Pac-12 will start a new cycle.

There’s also a possibility that the ACC will go the Pac-10 route and start a recruiting cycle based on the success of the Pac 12.

There are also a few schools who are expected to sign new recruits in 2019 and 2020.

Two schools that are looking to add some more recruits in the next recruiting cycle are Kentucky and TCU.

The Wildcats are in the middle of recruiting a slew of freshmen and sophomores, and are already looking to land some of the country’s top defensive linemen, but they may need a couple of big names to make it happen.TCU is also looking to build a new program, and they have been looking to sign some of their top recruits.

The Cougars are currently recruiting the likes of cornerback Shaq Lawson, safety Deiondre Gibson, defensive end Josh Holsey, and offensive lineman Josh Andrews.

All of those guys could be gone by the end of the cycle, and that will give the Horned Frogs a little more time to land the recruits they need to make a run at winning the Big XII.