When does Virginia basketball recruit?

I don’t want to start with a “when” here, but I think the Virginia basketball recruiting cycle has a distinct set of priorities that are different from other major programs. 

For instance, the Cavaliers are not recruiting as many underclassmen, although they are recruiting quite a few. 

In fact, Virginia is one of just five ACC programs to only commit four underclass players to major-college teams. 

That means the Cavaliers have to do a lot of recruiting to make up for the fact that they have just two commitments, but it’s not exactly a recipe for success. 

The next two programs that should get some attention from the Cavaliers this month are Syracuse and Georgia Tech. 

Syracuse has a lot more underclassman talent on its roster, and the Orange are expected to get some help from a recruiting class that includes four-star freshman guards Myles Garrett and Joel Berry III. 

Georgia Tech has a roster full of three-stars and two-stars, and it’s also one of the few programs that has a top-100 recruiting class. 

And they are in a different recruiting cycle than Virginia, as the Bulldogs have only committed four underclasses to major college programs.

But I digress. 

There are some very intriguing things to come out of the recruiting cycle in March. 

If you think about it, recruiting in March is a much more difficult month for most schools to win. 

Most teams have already gotten through the March slate of games, but there are a few teams that have been out of contention. 

Michigan State is one such team that will likely have to deal with a recruiting shortfall this week, and if the Spartans are going to get their players to come to campus, they need to be able to compete for the top recruits. 

To do that, the Spartans will have to play a tough schedule. 

With the Wolverines, Ohio State, and Wisconsin all in the hunt for top-25 players this season, and Oregon and UCLA being on the rise, this is an especially tough week for the Spartans to win games. 

But if Michigan State can play well in this week’s game against Georgia Tech, it will be a big boost for the team. 

I’m not saying that the Spartans aren’t going to be good. 

They are, and I think that will be the case in the Big Ten Tournament. 

However, if they can take care of business in this one, they will have a lot to prove to the rest of the conference. 

When it comes to the recruiting season, the biggest difference between March and the rest is the time it takes to get an offer. 

Not every program gets an offer in the first month of the year, but for a couple of programs, it takes about a month for their offers to come in. 

Here’s a look at the average recruiting dates for schools that have committed to more than five players. 

March – June 1.

Texas Tech 2. 

Oregon 3. 

Stanford 4. 

North Carolina 5. 

Kentucky 6. Wisconsin 7. 

Louisville 8. 

Kansas 9. Iowa 10. 

Oklahoma 11. 

Florida 12. 

Miami 13. 

Pittsburgh 14. 

Missouri 15. 

Clemson 16. 

Alabama 17. UCLA 18. 

TCU 19. 

Indiana 20. 

South Carolina 21. 

Ohio State 22. 

NC State 23. 

Texas 24. 

Baylor 25. 

LSU  For the record, that’s the average time it took for an offer to come from one school to another. 

You can see the difference in March for those schools here. 

At the moment, the top three teams in the ACC are Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. 

Virginia has the most commitments, with 13 players, while Maryland has the second-most commitments, at 12, and Virginia is the only other program to have at least one committed commit. 

Garrett, Berry, and Berry are the three commits that are ranked in the top-15 in each of the three recruiting classes. 

So it looks like the Cavaliers, the Golden Eagles, and North Carolina have all made a name for themselves in the March recruiting cycle, which is good news for the Golden State Warriors. 

As I said before, the recruiting process in March really does matter for teams.

The Big Ten has a number of teams that are competing for the Big Dance this year, and those teams have a number that could have an impact on the Big East. 

Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest names that are on the horizon from the March calendar. 

Marquette has three commitments, and will likely be a tough matchup for the