More than half of Michigan recruits are from Florida, according to AP

By GREG KOTTER and MARGARET BROWNAssociated PressAssociated PressGator football recruits in Florida are almost 50% more likely to go to Florida than recruits from other states, according a new report by the Associated Press.

The AP analyzed a 2012 national survey of 1,000 recruits and found that 49% of them were from Florida.

That is nearly a half-percentage point higher than the national average.

“Florida has become an elite recruiting state, and we are seeing that recruiting success at the collegiate level,” said Michael Brown, executive director of the Associated Student Sports Commission, which administers the sport’s national championship tournament.

“It is the perfect place to be.

It is the place that most of the top recruits want to be.”

The AP’s study looked at recruits from all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and did not look at recruits who have played in a game in one state.

“It’s a very unique thing,” said Steve Starnes, president of

“Florida has such a large number of high-profile athletes that it really puts you on a par with the top programs.”

But the AP analysis did not include Florida players who were not currently enrolled at Florida, which has about 30,000 students, or who were at a different school.

The study found that Florida’s average SAT score is 817, which ranks it among the top 50 states.

The average ACT score is 753, which ranked second.

The SAT is a more accurate measure of academic achievement, but its average score of 434 is higher than many other states.

ACT tests are often taken on campuses in college towns, and are often scored at higher than average rates.

The average SAT-ACT score is more accurate than some other measures of student success because it incorporates multiple factors, such as students’ college grades and SAT scores, which are determined by standardized tests.