Recruitment strategist who has been at the centre of an Army recruiting controversy dies

A recruiter who has faced a recruitment scandal and who was the focus of a recruiting strategy controversy is to die, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Colonel John L. Miller, an Army recruiter and former Army intelligence officer, died at home at the age of 82.

The Pentagon confirmed that Miller had died of natural causes.

The Army says that Miller was an adviser to its recruiting division for nearly 20 years, including in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

He also was the director of military intelligence.

Miller’s name came up again in the latest controversy surrounding the recruiting of female recruits, and his position.

He was the lead recruiter for the Army’s Women in Combat program, which seeks to increase the numbers of women in the Army.

Miller was at the center of an ongoing recruitment scandal when he resigned from his position as the head of the Army Intelligence Office in January, saying the office was struggling to find qualified recruits.

In a letter to the Army Recruiting Command (ARDC), he said the job was challenging and that recruiting was not as easy as he thought.

In a statement to Fox News, the military said Miller was “one of the brightest minds in the field of intelligence”.

The Army said Miller died “of natural causes”, but declined to provide any further details about his cause.

In an interview with Fox News in August, Miller said he was “very proud” of his role in recruiting female recruits.

“The recruiters, the recruiters and the recruitees were all very dedicated to the cause of recruiting women, and that was our primary goal,” he said.

“And we succeeded.

We’re so proud of them.””

The recruit, recruiter, and recruitee are all part of the same mission,” he added.

“They’re trying to achieve the same objective.

The recruiters have to be the people that are going to actually get these girls in the first place.”

The Army also said it is offering a $25,000 scholarship for Miller’s widow to a college in Washington state.

Miller, who also served as the commander of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center, was appointed to the post in January 2019.

The recruiting scandal was one of many that the Army faces, and it is the latest to add to the list of challenges faced by the Army, which was the most highly rated in the United States for recruiting in 2021.

The Army is facing more recruitment problems than at any time since it opened its doors to women in 2012.More: