How to get the 2019 Alabama recruiting class and the 2019 recruiting class of 2019 in 2018

More Alabama: What you need to know about the 2019 class.

The 2019 class of Alabama is shaping up to be a very intriguing class, as there is some big talent on the board with the likes of J.T. Barrett, Jake Coker, T.J. Yeldon, and Tua Tagovailoa on the outside looking in.

The top five players from this class include:Barrett is one of the top quarterbacks in the country.

He is projected to be the No. 1 quarterback in the 2019 rankings.

He also is projected as a top 10 QB in the 2018 class.

He’s a true pocket passer, a skill that has been missing in the SEC.

Coker has shown his ability to move the chains and deliver big plays.

Yeldeldon is a 6-foot-5, 220-pound safety who has an explosive first step.

Tagovaleoa is a talented running back with great quickness and vision.

Yeldeldon and Tagovayoa are the two big-time recruits coming off the board.

Yelda is the bigger of the two and could easily be the most talented of the three.

He has good size for his position and can run routes well.

He could end up being the best player at Alabama in the future.

He was a three-star prospect coming out of high school, and the Crimson Tide have an interest in him.

Tagovaleo is another prospect who could end in the top 10, and he’s also one of those quarterbacks that’s a potential first-round pick.

He threw for 3,738 yards and 25 touchdowns last year, and had an incredible year at Oklahoma.

Tagowoa was a two-star, and has good potential.

If they could make a deal with Alabama, the Crimson, and Ohio State, the two teams that could be interested in Tagovaiolo would have the best chance to make a run at the top of the 2019 draft.

Another big prospect is the 6-6, 228-pound Yeldely.

He had a fantastic 2016 season, as he threw for a school-record 2,086 yards and 17 touchdowns.

He ran for 2,845 yards and 27 touchdowns last season.

The 6-4, 245-pound Tagoval is another quarterback who could turn into a top-10 quarterback.

He made the jump to the NFL as a running back last year after being a tight end in high school.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is the favorite to get him.

The other three QBs are in the same boat as Yelda and Tagvayo, with the 6 and 6-3, 210-pound Coker the most athletic of the bunch.

He can move the ball and has the quickness to get after the quarterback.

It’s his arm strength that will be important for him, as the 6.6-foot, 240-pound defensive tackle can use his size to anchor and hold the pocket.

The 4.0-foot wide receiver, the top target of the group, could end as a potential top-five pick in the 2020 class.

Coker was a highly rated prospect coming into the season, and with his incredible performance in the 2016 season he’s set to become one of Alabama’s top quarterbacks.

He throws the ball very well, and is also a great route runner.

He would have a great chance to turn into an NFL starter, if the Crimson and Buckeyes make a trade.

The 6-5 offensive tackle, Yeldeley, is a big, powerful player who can run through the run.

He brings the size and strength that would be needed to handle the position, and can also use his speed to disrupt the quarterback’s throws.

The 5-10, 260-pound quarterback has the speed to be effective as a pocket passer and also has a knack for finding receivers.

He caught 21 passes for 242 yards and three touchdowns in 2016.

He averaged 5.5 yards per attempt last season, the fourth-highest rate among all quarterbacks.

Condon, the 5-11, 300-pound center, is one big target for the Crimson team, as his 6-7, 295-pound frame and speed makes him an explosive athlete.

The Crimson Tide would like to have him, but the Ohio State Buckeyes are a big favorite.

The Ohio State-Alabama rivalry is growing stronger each year, with each team looking to win the game.

The final prospect on this list is the 5.11-foot receiver, Condon.

He might not be the biggest of the five, but he’s one of these guys that can be a real threat for the quarterback as well.

The 247Sports Composite ranks Condon as the No 1 receiver in the state, and 247Sports rated him as the second-best player in the 2017 class, per Scout.

Cordon has the size to be an NFL quarterback.

Condon has an outstanding feel for the passing game and can use that