How to apply to be a marine recruit

Updated December 01, 2021 17:08:03 You don’t have to be in Australia to apply for a marine recruiter job.

But if you’re in Australia, there are some key points you should know.

You must be aged 18 or over.

You don,t need to be stationed in Australia.

You have to have a minimum of one year of sea experience.

If you don’t, you’ll have to reapply.

Marine recruiter positions require sea experience and have to meet the following requirements: You must have an Australian Sea Cadet Cadet course You must attend Sea Cadets in Townsville and Townsville Military Base on a regular basis.

You need to complete a Sea Cadence course for every five months.

You will also need to attend at least two Sea Cadences a year, if you don,ve completed at least one.

A minimum of two months of sea training will be required.

The Marine Recruitment and Education Agency (MREA) is recruiting for a variety of roles.

Here are some of the more common jobs.

Marine Recruiter Job Type Marine recruitor Job description Marine recruider will be the person who will recruit candidates for a position.

The recruiter will work in a recruiting centre in a remote location.

They will have the responsibility of: recruiting marine candidates from overseas, and managing and directing the recruitment process