The Amazon is set to launch a new ‘online platform’ in 2019

RTE 2:16am: Amazon will launch a platform, Amazon Marketplace, to help people connect with products and services.

It will offer products, services and discounts across, as well as a range of other content.

The platform will be integrated into the company’s e-commerce website.

The Amazon Marketplace will be a one-stop shop for people to find, shop and buy online, with a focus on delivering the best value.

It is the first Amazon product to be launched on a platform.

The company said the platform will help people get more out of their online shopping experience.

This includes finding products online, buying online and paying for goods and services, and will also make it easier for people who don’t have a bank account to make online payments.

A second platform, Marketplace for Business, will be built on the same technology, but is expected to be rolled out later this year.

It was first announced in June 2016.

It would be a separate, one-off product, Amazon said, adding that it would be based on its “business services” platform.

“As Amazon continues to expand our business services offerings, it will be expanding its Marketplace for business platform to include other types of services, including a suite of products, products, tools, and services,” Amazon said.

The new platform is a big deal for Amazon.

It follows the announcement that it was expanding its cloud-based cloud services, but it also signals a shift away from Amazon’s traditional online stores, which have traditionally been a source of pain for its customers.

It’s been a challenge for Amazon to expand beyond its traditional online shopping platform, with its e-mail, Kindle app and other services all operating in the cloud.

It also has struggled to get its ebooks and audiobooks onto the same platform, a problem that has forced it to sell its digital library at a discount to help offset that loss.

A new online platform could help Amazon’s ecommerce business get a boost as it seeks to move away from its traditional store.

The move is part of Amazon’s plans to move more and more of its business to the cloud and away from brick-and-mortar stores.

Amazon’s business is heavily dependent on the cloud, and the platform could allow it to get more and better value from its cloud business, which has traditionally been the source of trouble for the company.

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RTE:11am: RIT economist and former Bank of Ireland economist Rachaele Coppingers says Amazon is a “massive investment” in its cloud platform.

She says Amazon has already committed to investing in its Marketplace, which is a new platform to help its customers find and shop online.

“Amazon Marketplace is about building the platform for Amazon, but the platform is still a big investment,” Coppingering said.

She added that the new platform will provide an opportunity for Amazon and its customers to compete with other online retailers.

The former RIT economics professor said Amazon’s online platforms could be used to help customers get more value from their online purchases.

“They could be useful to people who aren’t able to shop at traditional brick-&-mortard stores,” she said.

Amazon also wants to expand its marketplace by making it easier to sell items online and by giving people access to its own video and music services.

The site will also be built with the same Amazon technology, including Alexa voice recognition and smart home controls.

Amazon is also planning to launch another service in 2019, the Amazon Businesses platform.

That service will offer businesses more direct links with Amazon, such as a direct link to Amazon’s website, Amazon Dashboard and the company to make purchases.

Amazon is also exploring other ways to help businesses grow.

Coppingery said that Amazon could also build its own virtual office, which could help with staff turnover and the development of new products.

RTE:12am: The US Federal Reserve’s chief economist says the US economy is at a “tipping point” with the Brexit vote, but that the economy remains weak.

He says the Fed will raise interest rates in 2019 and that its policy stance is likely to remain unchanged.

The Fed is raising rates from a record low of 0.25% on June 16 to a record high of 0% by the end of 2020, with the first rate hike scheduled for December 2019.

The Fed raised its benchmark rate by a quarter of a percentage point last month to its highest level in nearly two years.

Economists had forecast a 1.5% rise in US rates by the middle of next year.

Finance Minister Chris Bowen says that the Government will have a plan in place by the beginning of 2019 for raising interest rates.

“The US economy has now hit