Which TENNESSEE QB will be the next recruit?

By Andrew C. McCuneOctober 27, 2018 12:38pmAfter a disappointing season for Tennessee, the Vols are looking to make a major jump this spring and into fall.

Head coach Butch Jones is optimistic that the Vol will sign a quarterback this spring.

In fact, it’s the quarterback position that’s been the focus of much of the recruiting for the Vol program.

“I think we’re going to make the jump to a quarterback, so we have a guy we’re recruiting,” Jones said, per 247Sports.

“We’ve got a guy that’s going to play with a chip on his shoulder, a chip he’s going after, a guy who’s going out there and trying to get his own spot on the team, and hopefully he gets a scholarship.

That’s the focus right now.”

As of Thursday, Jones said that three players from the 2018 class had committed to the Vol.

The other four players have yet to commit.

Jones said he had not made a decision about who will be his quarterback of the future.

“There’s three guys that we’re getting,” Jones added.

“That’s it.

I don’t have a decision yet.”

Teddy Bridgewater will start at quarterback for the Volunteers this spring, and Jones said there will be no changes to his team’s depth chart for the position.

The Vols have struggled to get enough scholarship offers in the past couple of years, and they’ve been in the red for the most part for that reason.

They’re going into fall camp with three quarterbacks under center.