Tarheel University recruiting new employees

Tarheels University has hired an extra 20 employees to help it fill out its hiring process for new employees, including 20 new employees to be hired to the program.

The Tarhees will be hiring for positions at the academic, administrative, financial and leadership levels.

Tarheel spokeswoman Kim Davis said the new hires are part of a recruiting campaign that began Tuesday, and is continuing through Sunday.

The university has also opened a job search website and has offered up to $50,000 in incentives to those who apply.

Davis said that the hiring campaign was the result of the university’s “biggest year ever” for recruitment, and said that while the new positions would not have a major impact on Tarheeled’s academic mission, they would allow for greater flexibility.

She said that about 20 new jobs were needed to fill the universitys need for new staff, and that the university was pleased with the responses.

Davis said that they would be working with their local and state partners to find the best fit for the job openings.

Tarahel is a private, public, Christian school located in the western part of Georgia.

The school is known for its emphasis on academics and athletic excellence.

It was founded in 1855 and has campuses in Fort Pierce, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia, and Athens, Georgia.