How many of the nation’s top players were born in 2020?

By 2020, a new generation of high school players are expected to be making their mark on the sport.

That means we’ll be able to see some of the top prospects in the country come out of high schools, and some of them, like Markelle Fultz and Josh Jackson, will be playing for their high schools’ national champion.

The 2019 class of the 2019 class was the most elite class to date, with nearly 30 of them being drafted in the top 100.

The 2019 class also included four freshmen, and the number of freshman in the 2019 national champion class, which includes all of the players listed above, is also up to a whopping 10, which makes the 2019 draft class the most talented since the 1950s.

The 2018 class was also one of the most exciting, with four freshmen and two seniors on the board, and while the 2019 players aren’t expected to come out with as many national titles, they will have a great opportunity to showcase their talent at the next level.