The NFL’s newest recruiting agency is recruiting a Gator football recruit

The Gator Football Recruiting Office is recruiting an Alabama fan to join their ranks, according to an ESPN report.

The article cites sources familiar with the recruitment.

According to ESPN, the recruiting office is one of two agencies that are recruiting Gator fans to work for them in the recruiting process.

The other recruiting office was reportedly recruiting a Tennessee fan.

The GfR office is known for working with Alabama, LSU, Florida, and Auburn, among other top programs.

The new hire is not a new addition to the Gator family.

The agency has already made a name for itself in recruiting high school recruits.

Earlier this year, they signed four former Gator players, including three of the five highest-rated high school players in the country.

The first recruit they signed was a 6-foot-4, 310-pounder who played high school football in Alabama, according the Associated Press.

The recruiting staff has a number of other high-profile high school and college prospects, including the No. 1 high school player in the nation in Josh Sweat.

The current recruiting staff includes five former Gators: Nick Saban, Brian Kelly, David DeWitt, and Jamey Eisenberg.

The hiring of the GfS alum marks the end of one of the more tumultuous periods in the Gators history.

The company’s previous owners left in 2013 and were replaced by the company’s current owners, the Gannett family.

In recent years, Gannets’ relationship with the Gophers and Gannetts’ financial struggles have drawn national attention.

In 2017, the team lost $4.9 million and was fined $25,000 by the NCAA for failing to pay all of the NCAA’s sanctions.

The following year, Gophers fans and Gophers players held a protest rally against Gannet CEO Todd Gannitt in a Minnesota stadium after he was fired from his position.