How to find an IT recruiter

The US Navy wants to hire an IT specialist to join its ranks, according to an announcement from the Navy’s technology recruitment agency.

The announcement was made on Wednesday at the Navy IT conference, and comes after a number of IT job postings over the past month, with the Navy hoping to attract an IT expert who can help to train its IT teams to run and manage data centers, a position that has been a priority of the agency for several years.

“As the Navy looks to grow our data centers and IT workforce, the Navy is committed to attracting an IT professional who will be an invaluable asset to its IT team,” the Navy said in the announcement.

“To this end, the Army will consider applications for a skilled, highly-qualified IT specialist in our data center,” it added.

The Navy said that it has made the announcement because the Army is not considered a candidate for a position on the Navy recruiting website, but that it will be looking for qualified candidates who can provide the same level of technical skills to the Navy.

The job posting also says that the candidate will have to “support the IT team at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) and provide the leadership of the program.”

It’s not yet clear who will fill the position, but the Navy hopes that its hiring will help it to hire more IT experts.

The agency is hoping to add about 100 new IT employees to its ranks over the next three years, and to hire at least half of them from outside the US.