Badger recruiting coordinator salary at $25,000

Wisconsin Public Radio’s Badger Recruiting Coordinator Salary is $25.95 an hour, according to public records obtained by Politico.

That means the position pays $25 an hour for an employee who is also the recruiter for Badgers football programs and for Badger football recruits.

The salary is a one-time lump sum, meaning it doesn’t expire and does not need to be renewed.

The position is considered part of the department.

Badgers spokesman Jim Burditt said the pay rate is a “standard” for recruiting.

In Wisconsin, recruiters make about $15,000 an hour and recruiting coordinators make about that amount.

Burditt declined to comment on the specific compensation.

But he said the position is part of Badgers recruiting efforts.

Wisconsin football coach Gary Andersen and the Badgers have made recruiting a priority.

The program hired Badgers coach Paul Chryst, a former offensive coordinator, to coach offensive line, and assistant general manager Doug Johnson is in his first season in the position.