How to Get a Job at Gonzaga basketball

The most common questions asked by students about jobs on campus: How long will it take to find work?

How much will I be paid?

How long can I expect to be working?

How many hours will I work?

Is my interview taking longer than expected?

Can I stay overnight?

And how much will it cost?

These are just a few of the many questions students at Gonzagas flagship campus, Gonzaga University, are asking as they try to find employment.

The school said Thursday that about 9,000 applications were received from the first day of classes.

Some students have said they were told they would not be offered a job.

Gonzaga said the numbers are likely low.

It did not give any numbers for the number of applicants who were told not to apply.

But a person who worked at the school for two years said he had heard the school was working hard to find jobs for as many as 4,000 students.

Some students are frustrated because the school said it is offering a five-week training program to help students gain experience.

It is also offering a free six-week program for students with less than a high school diploma.

But some students, like Alyssa Givens, who is 21, said she wants a job that pays well.

She said she doesn’t want to be unemployed.

“I don’t want nothing to do with this, it’s just stupid,” Givins said.

Givens said she did not realize she would be applying for a job with a student loan company until she got a call about a job opportunity last month.

She says she didn’t even realize it was possible.

The job posting says the position will be based in the Sports Science and Technology department.

She is applying for an associate in sports science and technology and hopes to get a spot on the school’s football team.

The school also said it’s hiring for a teaching assistant position that will be in the same field.

The position is for a four-year associate.