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A holistic approach to recruitment

The path leading to successful career involves holistic approach, and managing relationships is an important element of this approach.


How to grab your employer’s attention in 30 seconds

Unlike a decade ago where one would have got a job within their first two months of graduation, it may possibly take months or years now for some graduates. For a secretarial position advertised, one would get average around 400 CVs within 2 days!
You can imagine with that amount of applications, no employer has time to go through each CV in detail so if you want to stand a chance of being shortlisted for interview, you literally have to make an impact, and fast. The average employer takes around 30 seconds to scan a CV and make a judgment on what you are and what they are looking for. This is about that all-important first impression and there are three components to this, namely the look, lingo and length of your CV.

Get the look right

Jobseekers always ask which is more important on a CV, the way it looks or what it says – the answer is both. If your favorite chef served up your favorite dish on a dirty, chipped plate with food dripping down the sides, would you still eat it? For most people, the answer would be a resounding "no". In much the same way, a poorly presented CV can ruin your chances of being shortlisted for interview – even if you are the best candidate for the job. You can avoid this by applying these very simple tips for a clean, clear

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